Director, Cinematographer, Editor


Who am I?



For the better part of a decade, I've been creating video content for digital media companies in New York City, including: The Verge, SBNation, Polygon, Eater, and Mic. I've conceptualized, directed, shot, edited, and published hundreds of videos for multiple publications covering a variety of topics and generating millions of views.

I began my career as a journalist at Vox Media helping to establish the visual identity for multiple Vox brands. In 2015, Mic brought me on to broaden their editorial video products. I shot and edited episodes of the PPFA Media Excellence Award winning show, Flip the Script, and I directed, shot, and edited The Gotham Award nominated show, The Movement.

I've since become Creative Director, Branded Content at Mic, creating work for brands like IBM, Ford, Chevy, Royal Caribbean, McDonald's, REI, and many others. I thrive on critical feedback and discussion, so if you have some thoughts on some of my work, I'd love to hear it. You can reach me at